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Where to begin? My life in art started as a kid, being raised by parents who both worked in architecture and as teachers. I watched my father in his art studio as he worked on pen & inks and large acrylic paintings as well as in the dark room with his photography. I formerly studied Literary and Media Arts at Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Film & Video at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia before earning my degree at American University with a major in Visual Media from the School of Communications and a minor in Cinema Studies from the School of Literature.

Finding comic books to be similar to storyboarding, I jumped right into the comic book industry after school, using the name Lynx Delirium. In 2004 I began self-publishing through my own company Carabosse Comics. There, I put out my first books The Goth Queen Needs a Mate and Fairies Tell, and started several short lived webcomics including Che and The Adventures of Lynx Girl and Friends. I also edited a couple of issues of the anthology Queerbait.

I have since dropped both the Lynx Delirium moniker and Carabosse Comics, but continue to work on new comic projects including Ratboy, a character based on my late partner David Paul Brown that was originally created for The Adventures of Lynx Girl and Friends. I also am the WoT behind WoT’s Cinephilia, a webcomic that focuses on my first love, film, and how it shapes me and the world around me.

For some time, I worked as a puppeteer for a major player in the entertainment industry. Now, I’m focusing on my own comics, designs and creative projects full-time, and developing my love for more traditional mediums like watercolor and sweet, wet ink.


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